Our story starts in late 2019 when one of our co-founders, Lewis, was looking online for a sustainable stationery solution and found exactly …..nothing. 




There was not a single pen or highlighter option for anyone eco-conscious, and certainly no carbon-neutral, or recyclable, or compostable stationery items! If you think of how many millions and millions of pens (~1.6 Billion) are used and just thrown away every year, this is absolutely staggering. Millions of pens, highlighters, and vials of toxic ink are thrown into landfills each year – and nobody had come up with a more sustainable solution…

1.6 billion disposable pens are used each year, wtf??

How could this be?!

Seeing a massive gap in the market, and a huge space to make a positive change- Lewis and Tristan decided to take matters into their own hands, and start a business providing sustainable alternatives to toxic plastic stationery.

Lewis and Tristan worked around the clock to find an eco-friendly stationery solution. Every single aspect of the pen needed to be considered: from the little spring inside, the inner casing, the outer casing, even the ink itself. Over the course of several months of hard research, designing, talking to suppliers, and creating- the first eco pen was born! 

Our first stall at Glebe markets

Eco Pen Club was officially launched in 2019 – and has been growing steadily since.

Our Purpose

Eco Pen Club focuses on reducing plastic and being zero waste. Pen by pen, highlighter by highlighter, we’re working to reduce the amount of waste going into landfills, to reduce the amount of harmful, toxic ink we’re all exposed to, and to plant trees. We’re also working to educate anyone and everyone about how harmful plastics are, and how important effective recycling is!

Oh, did we forget to mention? Eco Pen Club plants a tree for every single order! As part of our mission to be a completely sustainable, carbon-neutral company we’ve partnered with Ecologi – who tracks every tree we plant. Want to check out how many trees we’ve planted? Check out our Ecologi page here!


Every one of our products is 100% recyclable, and we intend to keep growing, keep expanding, keep creating more useful, recyclable products, and ultimately make finding eco-friendly, sustainable stationery easy for everyone.  Our mission is to be the go-to sustainable stationery solution for companies all across the globe. We’re super proud of how fast we’ve grown already, with partnerships with Stone & Wood, Canva, and ANZ within the first two years of business!

The purpose of the company is clear: to provide a zero-waste, sustainable, eco-friendly stationery solution with zero compromises on quality! We’re here to bring you reliable, stylish, sustainable stationery- and we’re growing around the world! We’re based in Sydney, and proudly now have stockists all across Australia, in the US, the UK, and Hong Kong.

We’re on our way, and we are so grateful to each and every one of you for being part of our journey! We’re here to make stationery sustainable, and to reduce the amount of plastic polluting our beautiful planet – one pen at a time!

Eco Pen Club recently launched its new packaging

Our Values

We are an ethical & social enterprise that applies our values to the business and our amazing customers

  • To be compostable (where we can) & easily recyclable
  • Carbon neutral shipping and production
  • Locally sourced manufacturing
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Plant trees for every order
  • Market driven & customer centric