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About us

Hey! we're Lewis & Tristan!

eco pen club was born out of the desire to not just take from our world, but give back. Seeing first-hand the devastation climate change can affect Australia with the 19/20 bushfires, we decided to combine forces and pursue our passion to build a social enterprise. Why pens? as self-confessed stationery nerds and full-time creatives, starting a brand around tools for organisation, ideas and art seemed like the obvious choice!

Our mission is to leave the world in a better way than we entered it, and we're going further than replacing toxic plastic pens with compostable ones. We've partnered with One Tree Planted to donate an entire tree for every 10 pens sold - that's way over 1000x the amount we use. On top of that we also carbon offset our employees in partnership with Ecologi, to ensure we stay completely carbon positive.

As both professional creatives, Lewis a Design Consultant for banking & farming, and Tristan running his own film production company, these self-confessed stationery nerds felt their efforts to help reduce plastic pen waste is something close to either heart and where they can make the most difference.