How to dispose of your pens

The state of recycling

Australia has come a long way with regards to our recycling capabilities, but we’ve still got a decent way to go. It can still be very hard to recycle small items in sorting facilities, such as pen parts! This is one of the reasons why we’ve produced our pens with as much paper as possible. The paper parts of our pens are 100% biodegradable and can be composted - simple!

How to dispose

  • Disassemble the pens after use

    We've made some guides on how to disassemble Earth, Clicker or Highlighter via TikTok.

  • Split the paper and plastic

    The packaging your pens came in is perfect to store all your plastic or paper parts in!

  • Place all paper in recycling bin

    Pop all the paper straight in your recycling bin, no need to store them up!

  • Recycle your plastic

    You can recycle through your local council (if it allows), Officeworks Green Hub, TerraCycle or through our return scheme (below).

Our pen plastic return scheme

We try to encourage closed-loop recycling as much possible, to achieve this, we recommend utilising Terracycle's disposal facilities located around Australia and the rest of the world. If you are not close to a facility, we offer a return service where we will dispose of the remaining plastic into our own Terracycle bin here at the eco pen club office.

  • Get all your plastic together

    Our packaging is a great place to store your disassembled plastic parts. Once the box is full or close to full, you are ready for the next stage!

    To save carbon emissions, please wait until you have a reasonable amount to send over, or alternatively, use an Officeworks if nearby.

  • Print your return label

    Fill in this form and we'll send you a return label within a day or two

  • Pop it in the post

    Stick the label on the box and pop in the post! Auspost offsets all carbon production too!

  • We'll dispose of it correctly

    Once we receive your plastic, we'll pop them in our TerraCycle recycling bin.