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  • The ink we use in our pens and the ink we use to print on the kraft paper is non-toxic and water-based. This sustainable ink has little to no traces of petroleum in so it’s very easy to separate during the recycling process.

  • We test every pen personally before they go out but if for some reason any of them don’t work, send us a video on Instagram/email and we’ll get some replacements to you on the next workday. Alternatively, we can provide you a full refund.

  • We are striving constantly to reduce our plastic usage. Our packaging is entirely plastic-free and the only plastic we have is in our clicker pens. We are currently exploring avenues where the clips in the pens are a plastic alternative but there are limitation for mass production.

  • Yes they are! We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients and we do not condone or partake in any animal testing. Our clicker pens are not gluten-free as a small amount of waste wheat (offcuts of harvests) is added to the plastic coloured clips.

  • Our pens are very eco-friendly! The Clicker pens are 50% less plastic than traditional pens and the Earth pen is a whopping 85% less plastic. The paper used is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified factory and the majority of our paper used is recycled. The very small percentage of plastic we use in our pens is easily recyclable (unlike many bioplastics). On top of that, we plant an entire tree for every pack sold and offset more carbon than we emit.

    For more information, see our why paper pens page.


    • The plastic clips are made from easily recyclable plastic (unlike bioplastics) with 10% of wheat (from offcuts of farming)
    • The ink holder and spring is made from recyclable plastic
    • The tube is carboard

    See why we choose recyclable plastic over ‘biodegradable’ plastics

    • The entire pen is made from rolled recycled kraft paper
    • The ink holder and nib is made from recyclable metals

    Learn how to dispose of your pen

  • We believe you shouldn’t have to pay for shipping. How annoying is it when you get to the checkout and there a minimum spend or unexpected fees?! it’s just not cool! So don’t expect shipping charges from us ever!

  • We’re so confident you’re going to love our prodycts, so we’re offering a 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy, we can offer you a full refund, no questions asked! Please see the terms section and follow the instructions.

  • Disassemble all paper from the plastic ink holder and metal nib. You can compost or recycle all paper. The remaining plastic and metal can be placed in the recycling bin but there is a high chance it will not be sorted correctly. We suggest finding your local Terracycle box to ensure the safest way to dispose of the plastic.

    It’s best to check with your local council to best understand their sorting and recycling process