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Disposal & environment

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  • We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to help with reforestation efforts for the Australian bushfires. Every month, we take count of how many orders and donate the equivalent in $USD. So if we have 500 orders, that’s 500 trees planted!

  • FSC means Forest Stewardship Council. This is a governing body that ensures products that are manufactured with trees, are from responsibly sourced locations. Our factory only uses FSC certified trees. For more information on FSC, see their website.

  • Our pens are packaged entirely plastic-free and in the most eco-friendly way:

    • Our envelopes are made from recycled paper
    • The tape we use is adhesive kraft paper
    • All marketing materials are printed on recycled paper
    • The pens are packed in a custom printed linen bag (it’s one of the most sustainable materials)
    • For the majority of our orders, we send through Sendle, who are carbon-neutral
    • All ink we use is soy-based

    Click here to see an example photo of our packaging (via Instagram)


  • Yes they are! We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients and we do not condone or partake in any animal testing. Our clicker pens are not gluten-free as a small amount of waste wheat (offcuts of harvests) is added to the plastic coloured clips.

  • Our pens are very eco-friendly! The Clicker pens are 50% less plastic than traditional pens and the Earth pen is a whopping 85% less plastic. The paper used is from a Forest Stewardship Council certified factory and the majority of our paper used is recycled. The very small percentage of plastic we use in our pens is easily recyclable (unlike many bioplastics). On top of that, we plant an entire tree for every pack sold and offset more carbon than we emit.

    For more information, see our why paper pens page.


    • The plastic clips are made from easily recyclable plastic (unlike bioplastics) with 10% of wheat (from offcuts of farming)
    • The ink holder and spring is made from recyclable plastic
    • The tube is carboard

    See why we choose recyclable plastic over ‘biodegradable’ plastics

    • The entire pen is made from rolled recycled kraft paper
    • The ink holder and nib is made from recyclable metals

    Learn how to dispose of your pen

  • Our aim is for our products to be as eco-friendly as possible with as little plastic as possible. Plastic is hard to avoid, especially for pens. So in our best efforts to do the right thing, we did some research on plastics. We found that ‘biodegradable’  or ‘bioplastics’ (a plant-based PLA plastic) aren’t actually what they claim up to be and cause more damage than you think. See below why we chose to use normal, easily recyclable plastics:

    • Traditional plastics are easy to recycle and sort compared to a plant-based one
    • Plant-based plastics don’t decompose in a landfill, only in very specific conditions like high temperatures or UV exposure (like the sea)
    • Plant-based plastics need UV light to degrade, which breaks down into microplastics, which end up in our oceans, soil and food
  • We offset our carbon in partnership with Offset Earth. Every month, we calculate the emissions we generate and offset that by investing in many emission-reducing projects. You can see how much carbon we’ve reduced and the projects we’ve funded by visiting our Offset Earth profile page.

  • You can dispose of your pens easily, just pop them in the recycling bin and you’re good to go. You can make the sorting process simpler by taking apart the pen bits but it’s not necessary, all the components are recyclable anyway. The plastic ink part and caps are made of plastic which is easily recyclable (unlike many bioplastics).

    For more information, see our dispose page