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  • We tried many options for our highlighters and we found paper lids dry out highlighter ink too quickly. Our highlighters are more eco-friendly and contain less plastic waste than anything out there but sometimes we have limitations we have to work to.

  • They are indeed. Recycled highlighters are still made up of 100% plastic when ours have a recycled cardboard tube, making them partially compostable.

  • Very! Each highlighter is made of 100% recyclable cardboard and plastic so you can pop them in the recycling bin! Our cardboard tube is made from recycled cardboard too.

  • As a large part of our highlighter is recycled cardboard, you’re not only getting 75% less waste, but you’re actually saving more plastic from being thrown away by choosing an eco-friendly highlighter.

  • We weighed your traditional Officeworks highlighter and then weighed our pen and found on average, our eco highlighters are 75% less size, meaning 75% less landfill (if not recycled).