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The Highlighter Pen Pack

  • Made in a recycled cardboard tube
  • 75% less waste and 85% less plastic than your normal highlighter
  • Compact, easy to use and long-lasting!
  • Compostable & recyclable materials
  • Manufactured by FSC approved factory
  • Comes in a pack of 5 highlighter colours
  • 5 Pack
  • 10 Pack
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5 Pack, 10 Pack

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  • We tried many options for our highlighters and we found paper lids dry out highlighter ink too quickly. Our highlighters are more eco-friendly and contain less plastic waste than anything out there but sometimes we have limitations we have to work to.

  • They are indeed. Recycled highlighters are still made up of 100% plastic when ours have a recycled cardboard tube, making them partially compostable.

  • Very! Each highlighter is made of 100% recyclable cardboard and plastic so you can pop them in the recycling bin! Our cardboard tube is made from recycled cardboard too.

  • As a large part of our highlighter is recycled cardboard, you’re not only getting 75% less waste, but you’re actually saving more plastic from being thrown away by choosing an eco-friendly highlighter.

  • We weighed your traditional Officeworks highlighter and then weighed our pen and found on average, our eco highlighters are 75% less size, meaning 75% less landfill (if not recycled).

Why eco-friendly pens

  • Less plastic, less waste

    Over 2 BILLION disposable pens are sold each year, mostly ending up in landfill as they aren't easily recyclable.

  • ecology-leaf

    The power of paper

    Our pens are made with compostable and easily recyclable materials, which can go in household the recycling.

  • content-pen-write-1

    Better than plastic

    Our pens will write better and last longer. If you're not happy, you get 100% money-back guarantee.

  • ecology-globe-hand

    Give back, 10 times

    Your order is entirely carbon neutral, by funding renewable energy projects in developing countries.

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About us

Hey! we're Lewis & Tristan!

Our mission is to leave the world in a better way than we entered it, and we're going further than replacing toxic plastic pens with compostable ones. We've partnered with One Tree Planted to donate an entire tree for every 10 pens sold - that's way over 1000x the amount we use. On top of that we also carbon offset our employees in partnership with Ecologi, to ensure we stay completely carbon neutral.

As both professional creatives, Lewis a Design Consultant for banking & farming, and Tristan running his own film production company, these self-confessed stationery nerds felt their efforts to help reduce plastic pen waste is something close to either heart and where they can make the most difference.