Have you ever wondered what the most sustainable water bottle is, available to us here in Australia? If you’re reading this, chances are you’re definitely environmentally focused, and don’t want to be using those disposable plastic bottles at all. Not only are those disposable plastic bottles an absolute disaster for the environment, studies have also shown just how bad they are for our health: the plastic leaches chemicals into the water that you then drink!

But never fear, Eco Pen Club is here! We’re going to break down all the different ways you can stay hydrated on the go, while caring for the environment, and your own health.

Spoilt for Choice

First off, as Aussies, we are very lucky. We have a vast array of options for sustainable choices available to us. Unlike in some other countries, if you do wish to stay hydrated on the go in an eco-friendly way, you don’t actually have to look too far for options!

Glass Bottles

First cab off the rank, let’s check in with a firm favourite of many of our EPC team: the classic reusable glass bottle. This type of on the go hydration station can be purchased in a wide variety of colours and sizes, meaning it can be as big, or as little, as statement or as plain as you would like. In addition to being a total chameleon, glass reusable water bottles are also the most sustainable option of them all. The production process is far less energy intensive than the production of aluminium bottles, and its very easy to find recycling locations if you happen to crack yours. 

That does bring us to our down side, however, which is that some glass bottles are less hardy than aluminium ones. If you do go for this option, it will pay to be mindful of where you put it, and to try not to drop it!

Reusable glass bottles are available in a plethora of stores, so if you’re on the hunt- it won’t be hard to find one!

Stainless Steel Bottles

Another firm favourite of our EPC team, for their durability and low carbon footprint: the stainless steel bottle!

The stainless steel bottles tend to be a lot lighter than their glass counterparts, which makes them easier to transport around. They’re also incredibly strong, and less prone to cracking or breaking than a glass bottle.

Stainless steel bottles are made from one of the most sustainable materials possible. This means not only is it easy to recycle, it is also pretty good for the environment. The bottles don’t use up much carbon to make, the material for the bottle itself are generally responsibly sourced, and when finished: up to 50% of all stainless steel bottles end up recycled!

So, there you have it. Two really great options for staying hydrated on the go! Do you have a preference? Let us know!