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Every fortnight we write about a new topic, some of them requested by our readers! We cover topics from recycling plastics, to healthy foods, to living your best life! Stay tuned for more of these posts, and let us guide you through how to live your best, sustainable, plastic-free, and happy life!

The Most Recycled Material in Australia

If you follow our social media, you’ll know that this topic caused quite a stir when we posted about it the other week! Do you know what the most recycled material in Australia is? Really? Let’s count down, starting from the sixth most recycled material we produce and use here in Australia. Number Six  So […]

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How to be more eco-friendly in the classroom

You asked we heard, and now we’re delivering! How do you make a classroom more eco-friendly? Can you make your classroom sustainable? The answer is yes! There are actually a great number of ways that you can make your classroom green(er).  Let in the light! Sounds obvious right? But so many forget! One of the […]

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How to Recycle Your Plastic in Australia

On average, Australians generate around 67 million tonnes of waste per year. Yeah, you read that right. Sixty seven MILLION tonnes- every year!  Of that, it is estimated that 130,000 tonnes of Australian plastics find their ways into our waterways and our oceans each and every year, causing catastrophic damage to our ecosystem and marine […]

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Cultivating health sleep habits

Having a healthy sleep routine is one of the most fundamental pillars of overall health and happiness, however we know it can also be one of the most tricky aspects to get right. With an ever online and digital world, heightened anxiety globally and ever increasing new forms of stimulation it can be hard to […]

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A guide to eco-friendly inks

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Inks We are almost willing to bet our bottom dollar that this isn’t a topic you’ve thought about before: is ink sustainable? What is ink made of? And how does ink impact our environment? Well- now that you’re curious about this topic- let’s explore the world of ink! First thing’s first: […]

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MUST WATCH Documentaries about the environment and our planet

We’ve all been there, trawling through streaming services, seemingly being pushed the same movie/show again and again – which is strange, considering Netflix Australia is reported to have over 3,500 pieces of content available to watch 🧐. We’ve gone looked for the best content on sustainability, plastic pollution, the environment, and consumer waste. We’ve looked […]

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