Here at Eco Pen Club we’re huge fans of companies who work to create clean, sustainable products for our planet. To support our fellow eco-businesses, we’re bringing you a list of some of our favourite sustainable companies- all home-grown and Aussie.

Single use Ain’t sexy 

We absolutely love this brand of hand soap, and their tag line: Don’t be a Tosser! Owner and Founder Josh Howard has designed an eco-friendly dissolvable soap tablet that you pop into a reusable bottle, it’s that simple! We’re huge fans.

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Memo Bottle

We all know plastic water bottles are bad, and we also know most reusable bottles are too clunky to be carried around conveniently. Enter, Memo Water Bottles! Memo Bottles have designed the most streamlined, gorgeous bottles that fit easily into any bag. Be sustainable, and stylish

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Eco Pen Club 

Well of course we have to throw in a cheeky mention for ourselves! We’re Australia’s first (and currently only) sustainable stationery company, and proud!

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Zero Co (Cleaning products)

Another great sustainable company, Zero Co has some fantastic eco-friendly cleaning and personal hygiene products. Zero Co delivers their products to you in reusable packaging, that you can use up and then send back for a refill! No single use plastics involved.

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Motipod (Coffee capsules)

Who doesn’t need their morning cuppa? We sure do! And we love Motipod coffee capsules! Motipod produces reusable coffee capsules that fit into many different types of coffee machines, making your morning coffee both delicious, and sustainable.

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Cove (Cleaning products)

Cove produces non-toxic, and totally plant-based cleaning products. They do double good for the planet! Similar to Zero Co, Cove’s products are provided in reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly packaging that can be refilled when you need. Bonus? They have the cutest, super convenient starter kit!

That’s it for this month, we hope you love these sustainable companies as much as we do. If you’ve got an eco-friendly favourite we haven’t mentioned- please let us know!

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