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Why paper pens?

Each year, Over 2 Billion plastic pens are sold globally, equating to 1000's of tonnes of plastic waste. This waste ends up in landfill, oceans and even our food. We need a compostable solution to our plastic consumption.

Less landfill

Out of all plastic ever produced, only 9% has been recycled, with only 12% in Australia last year1. Where does the remaining plastic go? Landfills.

Most plastic pens aren't easy to recycle

Unlike our plastic, traditional pens can't be home recycled due to the type of plastic used.


You give back more than you take

By buying a pack of our pens, you plant an entire tree and fund carbon offset programs in developing countries 2.

A little about the plastic in our pens

With pens it's hard to avoid not using plastic, so we've done our research and made sure that the plastic we use has the least damage to the environment. An eco pen club pen is up to 85% less plastic than a traditional pen.

Our plastic is safe & easy to recycle

The majority of plant-based plastics who claim to be 'biodegradable' only break down in very strict conditions. Our plastic can be placed in household recycling bins.

Our plastic is easy to sort in recycling plants

Plant-based plastics (which we don't use) are not easy to sort in recycling plants and shouldn't be put in mixed plastic recycling bins.

The production of our plastic is energy efficient

It's not just about emission but also water consumption, and as the offcuts of petroleum, it's an efficient and non-toxic process

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